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Decregy Blockchain and Smart Contracts

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First of all, lets have a basic idea of what is BLOCKCHAIN, a concept that not everyone understands.

The Blockchain is a decentralized and distributed cryptographic digital “ledger” that is used to record transactions. The principles underlying this technology allows people who do not know or trust each other to build a large digital record of “who owns what” that will enforce the consent of everyone concerned.

The Blockchain “acts as a consistent transaction history on which all ‘nodes’
eventually agree.” It is essentially a public database with the potential to store and transfer tangible assets (physical properties such as cars, real estate property, etc.) and intangible assets (such as votes, genomic data, reputation, intention, information, software and even ideas).

Legal Tech, Smart Contracts and Blockchain (Marcelo Corrales, Mark Fenwick and Helena Haapio)

Decregy uses Smart Contracts

The way to ensure transactions for the public administration procedures such as filled data in a form or a signature done by a citizen or by an institution is to use SMART CONTRACTS. The technology used by DECREGY will ease to store these transactions with complete safety and trustability.

DECREGY = Decentralized Registry. The best way to have a decentralized registry with safe and inmutable transactions is through the use of technologies such as blockchain and Smart Contracts.

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DECREGY Tecnology uses Blockchain and Smart Contracts to ensure transactions. These transactions can be for example, the data filled in a public administration’s form, or the signature of a document.

Decregy is based on Hyperledger Fabric

Decregy registry smart contract hyperledger

What is the technology behind the scenes? Well, of course, HyperLedger Fabric. It lets DECREGY to have a private BLOCKCHAIN net while using SMART CONTRACTS. So, HyperLedger Fabric + DECREGY is the perfect solution for the public administrations and their procedures.

Hyperledger Fabric is intended as a foundation for developing applications or solutions with a modular architecture. Hyperledger Fabric allows components, such as consensus and membership services, to be plug-and-play. Its modular and versatile design satisfies a broad range of industry use cases. It offers a unique approach to consensus that enables performance at scale while preserving privacy.

Hyper Ledger Fabric
Decregy hyperledger fabric smart contracts

DECREGY uses the HyperLedger Fabric technology to create it’s own private blockchain and smart contracts net. The stored data will satisfy both: Privacy, and Decentralization.